The Probe is a non-profit, student-run, independent & non-partisan monthly magazine published by Caucus, a student organisation of Hindu College, University of Delhi. Caucus was founded in 2007, and The Probe in 2020. We exist to hold power to account in the name of the public interest, to uphold liberal and progressive values, to fight for the common good, and to build hope. Our ambition lies in creating a platform that promotes writing & reporting among the students and enables them to engage in a learning experience with experts & working professionals

The Probe's Expert Articles

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Amb Anil Trigunayat 

"Changing Tides of Economic Diplomacy"

Ambassador Anil Trigunayat IFS (Retd.) has been a member of the Indian Foreign Service. He has also served as the Director General/Joint Secretary for the Gulf & Haj Divisions.

Dr. Anu Singh

"Union Budget for an Ideal Society"

Associate Professor of Economics at Christ University, Bangalore, India

Mr. Mayur Bora

"Human Attitude and Development"

Mayur Bora is an Indian writer, critic and public speaker from Assam. Bora has 16 books to his credit, 14 in Assamese language, 1 in English and 1 book of translation in which noted litterateur Dilip Bora's short stories were rendered into English.

Dr. Rila Mukherjee

"Why the Sea Matters"

Rila Mukherjee specialised in eighteenth-century  Indian history. Her research interests are Indian Ocean studies and global/world history. She is the Chief Editor of the Brill journal Asian Review of World Histories and is on the editorial boards of Mayurqa and Rethinking History.

The Probe Curated 

From The Vault 
Indian Football: Alive or Dead

Read a detailed account of the trajectory of Indian Football by The Probe's writer Aman Choudhary 

August 2021

In this edition-
An exclusive interview with writer Yashica Dutt

Survey: What College thinks about 'Cancel Culture

Expert View: Why the Sea is important by Dr Rila Mukherjee


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